At Cass Art we are proud to support the next generation of artists and we do this in a number of ways. One key avenue of support is through prize giving and we give a variety of prizes to art students at different stages of their education. 

Summers in Art Schools are a time for anticipation and celebration setting up for degree shows exhibition openings and performances. This summer might look slightly different for art schools as studios remain closed and exhibitions moved online – but there is still a lot of creative talent to celebrate. Art students whatever their stage of education, are the future of our creative industries – and their dedication at this time is an inspiration.


My name is Lulu I’m a painter and I just completed my BFA at the Slade. I’ve previously dabbled in film-making and music but more recently I’ve kind of just devoted myself to painting. I derive inspiration from a wide range of sources and in a way I make my images out of a desire to see these things exist on the same plane. In (super brief) summary, I’m interested in cartoons imagery, post-punk music, existentialist literature, and the Arab identity. I enjoy exploring the ways in which these things intersect on both an objective and personal level. My paintings interweave imagery and references from completely different worlds and the outcome will sometimes feel to me like a resolved inquiry and other times like a catalyst.

I’m just really excited to snoop around the shop for new materials to mess around with. I’ve been thinking of experimenting with different glazes and varnishes for a while so this will be a great opportunity to test some stuff out. 

I’ve been really suddenly uprooted from my life in London. I’m currently back home and feel really lucky that my mom is an artist. We’ve been sharing a studio space in our home and inspiring each other to keep a good momentum going. But for a good two months, it actually felt impossible to work on anything aside from my Animal Crossing village. I really miss my tutors and peers and in the studios. This time has really made me appreciate the importance of community as an artist. I’m grateful to still be able to connect with everyone but it’s just not the same as being together.

There is always an undertone of melancholia and melodrama in most of what I consume so I guess that just bleeds into what I produce. I’m really obsessed with composers of the Romantic era, particularly Chopin. I also love Jonathan Richman’s mawkish over-sentimental narration in the Modern Lovers’ records. I guess I am just interested in the feeling of being stupefied by love and life. I’m interested in idleness and the way that idle moments sort of harbour.

I try not to shy away from using crazy colours on impulse but I mix almost everything with a little bit of brown and I tend not to change or clean my brush too often while painting. This way of working creates a muddy, muted rainbow feel which I’ve been really into.

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