Happy fall!  Now that the season is officially underway I’ve been switching out my light and airy summer decorations for those richer deeper fall colors and cozy textures. I’ve got an easy DIY for you today that is a great way to add some fall to your home! Today I’m going to show you how to make a gorgeous gold pumpkin DIY vase filler that’s perfect for adding to your vases of silk flowers or for nestling candles into a glass hurricane jar.

Step 1.  Find a card board box that’s not too tall that you can paint in. The small pumpkins that you’ll be using as your DIY vase filler tend to roll a bit when you paint them so this will help keep them contained. Spread out the pumpkins some what evenly in the box.

Step 2.  Spray paint the pumpkins in your box outside starting a couple of feet away from the pumpkins and moving in closer slowly. If you get too close the pumpkins will roll from the force of air from the spray paint so don’t get too close. Apply one coat and let the pumpkins dry.

Step 3.  Turn over the pumpkins so that the sides that aren’t painted are facing up. Spray paint another coat and let them dry.

Step 4.  Check the pumpkins to make sure they’re all painted. Remove any pumpkins that are all gold, and repaint any that need a little more paint.

Now your gold pumpkin DIY vase filler is ready for its big debut in a clear glass vase or a candle hurricane or bowl. These are such an easy yet gorgeous way to add some pretty gold fall accents to your home! If you have some of your mini pumpkins left over after this project consider using them in this DIY fall produce truck project. Happy crafting!


Happy summer everyone!! I love switching up my front door decor throughout the summer to represent different fun parts of the months but now that I have two kids the days of spending hours or even days making a wreath are over! I need quick simple ideas that make people think I either purchased that I spent a long time making it. So today I’m sharing with you how to make a simple DIY summer wreath!

Step One. Start by spray painting your grapevine wreath gold and spray paint the bicycle decoration white. Allow about 30 minutes to fully dry.

Step Two. Hot glue your hydrangea flowers onto the back of the wreath and gently arrange so it’s full. Next hot glue your bicycle onto the wreath near the wheels of the bike.

Step Three. Take small flowers (I already had these on hand) and hot glue them into the basket of the bike for a cute added decoration.

Step Four. Gently wrap around your wreath hot gluing the ends down.

It’s as simple as that! Hot glue and a little spray paint works wonders in a matter of minutes!!

I love how this DIY summer wreath turned out and how simple and happy it is. Gold white and pink is one of my favorite color combinations and the added little pop of yellow just sets the tone!!

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