A special someone with a soft and squishy heart shaped pillow. Knotted with love!

The perfect kids craft project because there is no sewing required. Some simple cutting and knotting are all the skills needed to make this DIY heart pillow. 

Kids and teens can make their own special pillow to decorate their room or give to a friend or loved one as a gift.

Polar fleece fabric is ideal for this project because it doesn’t fray andsoft. Have fun mixing and matching favourite colours.

You will need:

  • 40cm (16″) polar fleece knit fabric, 125cm (50″) width (or similar)
  • Dressmakers pins
  • Scissors: paper, fabric
  • Hobby fill or stuffing of choice
  • Haemostat or chop stick
  • Printer, Paper (A3 or A4), and tape.


Fabric options – For softness I recommend using a polar fleece knit fabric. Felt can also be substituted but may result in a slightly stiffer pillow.

Excess fabric – You can use your fabric off cuts to stuff the heart, along with the hobby fill.

How to:

1. Print the template at 100% onto A3 paper or alternatively print the template at 100% onto two sheets of A4 paper. Tape the pattern halves together.

2. With paper scissors the template pattern along the two unbroken lines. Put these two paper patterns aside.

3. Fold the fabric in half and on the fold line. You should have 2 pieces measuring around 40cmx60cm (16″x 24″). one piece will be the front one piece will be the back.

4. Fold each fabric piece in half making sure to fold with the right sides together. Do the following steps (5&6) for both the front and the back pieces of fabric.

5. Pin the exterior heart pattern piece over the folded fabric lining up the centre with the folded fabric line. along the exterior outline of the paper heart.

6. Place the interior paper heart piece in the gap of the exterior heart piece and pin it onto the fabric. Then remove the exterior paper heart piece.

7. Now stack both the front and back pieces on top of each other. The 1.5cm strips into all the fabric layers around the paper heart like a fringe.

8. Remove the paper pattern. Open out the two fabric heart pieces and layer them with the wrong sides together. Then pin the front and back pieces together.

9. Gently knot together each matching strip (front and back), joining the two fabric pieces together. Stop knotting the strips when all that’s left is a 5cm (2″) gap opening.

10. Stuff the pillow with hobby fill. Use a chop stick or haemostat to insert the filling and push it into the far side of the pillow.

11. Close the 5cm gap by knotting the last remaining strip pieces.

All done! Now give your cuddly heart pillow a great big hug. Melissa is a hyper creative artist, and content creator.

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