Michael Corr is an award-winning contemporary painter from Scotland. He works primarily in the medium of painting and drawing. Corr trained as a Graphic Designer but had a primary interest in expressive art which has developed into a unique and powerful style. We caught up with Michael to chat about his journey as an artist the materials he loves and why Daler-Rowney paints work so well in his practice.

I’m a painter / mural artist, based in Central Scotland and live with my wife, Nikki (a designer) and our two furry pals. 
I’ve been creating as long as I can remember and when I was old enough I was very lucky to get into art school in Dundee. I learned so much about art & design as well as myself. I also met my wife there Nikki.

I graduated with an BDes Hons in Graphic Design and really enjoyed the course, but I knew I wasn’t a Graphic Designer at heart so I picked up the pencils and brushes again. Nikki and I lived in Dundee for almost 10 years and we both fondly think back to our wee flat and amazing studio spaces. I worked part-time as a postie as well which was ideal as it meant I could finish up by the early afternoon most days and could paint the rest of the day/evening. 

We moved from Dundee to Alloa and we’ve been here ever since. It’s a lovely wee place where we built a garden studio for me to work in- and although it’s small it has everything I need. We have a beautiful garden (we got married there too!) with our furry pals running around. It’s a special place.

I do a lot of my paintings / commissions here but over the past couple of years. I’ve gone full time with my artwork and have also been painting large murals out and around Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. I’m just back from Palm Springs (California) where I painted a large mural of Nina Simone. 

I started using acrylics a couple of years ago and wish I’d started sooner. They are so versatile as they can be applied as thick or thin as well as for smooth blending. You can also add water as well as other mediums to change the viscosity of the paint. I love how they dry quickly too- it encourages spontaneity. To note they are free so you can use anywhere really. Just don’t wear your best clothes when using!

I often alternate depending on the work. Last year I was introduced to spray paint which I’m still getting to grips but am loving this medium and the results!

Mark making is a personal process again it really depends on what I’m feeling at that point in time- it’s what makes everyone’s work unique. Flow is so important especially when you are trying to create something from nothing.

I love colour so much. It really depends on what I’m working on feeling at that point in time. Colour has a huge affect on us all emotionally. I’m inspired by colour palettes all around me: from nature to urban. 

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