Green Interior Design


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  • This beautifully illustrated guide covers every detail of your home—from the drywall to the finial on the curtain rod—and how to find the most environmentally friendly versions of products and décor.


Green Interior Design is the most comprehensive guide to sustainable building, designing, and decorating on the market. This second edition of Green Interior Design is meant as much for the budget DIYer as it is for the luxury home builders looking to dip their toes into sustainability. Sprinkled among the chapters, readers will find:

  • Digestible how-to’s for quick updates
  • Fun DIY projects
  • Quick tips on repurposing and up cycling
  • Helpful resources and buying guides
  • Inspiring home tours
  • Unconventional advice from designers 

We hope readers carry this reference guide with them as they decorate apartments, furnish their first properties, and build their dream homes from the ground up. The second edition’s interactive structure allows you, the reader, to choose your own adventure: go into the weeds and get granular with purchasing decisions for your home, or take a more generalized approach to your green design project. Whichever path you choose, know that it’s more important than ever before to act sustainably. “Going green” is more than just a trend: It’s a global economic and social necessity.

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