Your guide to going vegan and sticking to it

Veganuary is the latest New Year’s resolution craze. 52,000 people in the UK committed to eating a vegan for a month. If you’re reading this you’re probably considering joining the ranks of Lewis Hamilton Chris Smalling and Ariana Grande already following a vegan. This is the recipe starter kit for you.


We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many people this might mean tucking into milk, eggs, yoghurt, bacon or sausages. But making breakfast vegan is easy no matter what kind of food your prefer.

Good stuff on toast

Eggs and butter aren’t the only things that taste great on toast and stop you snacking until lunch. Baked beans are vegan and a great source and keeping you fuller for longer. For something sweeter vegan French toast is a dream and so easy to make. Serve with fresh fruits for a little sweetness if needed.


There are two fool proof ways to make pancakes that no-one need know are vegan:

  1. Bananas bind flour together in a similar way to egg. This cheap and cheerful ingredient can either make a thick or a crêpe-style pancake.
  1. Aquafaba magic water from a chickpea tin is a fantastic egg replacement that foams and woofs up in volume just like eggs do when whisked. This means it’s perfect for making fluffy American-style pancakes.

Cereals and porridge

Simply swap the dairy for a milk alternative such as soy almond rice or coconut. Vegan milks are often sweetened so choose the unsweetened variety and add fresh fruits if needed.

Best of British

You can get all the comforting yumminess of classic British food with these vegan recipes. Stews can be packed with seasonal veg and you can soak up the juices with bread. For other national treasures replacing meat is easy. Lentils make filling replacement for mince in a shepherd’s pie and faux-meat products such as vegan sausages are easy to get hold of and taste good – try them in a vegan toad in the hole!

Sunday lunch

A traditional Sunday lunch is something to behold but going vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the delicious fun. You can still eat Yorkshires, stuffing, gravy and show-stopping mains.

La bella Italia

Cheese and cured meats can still be yours without animal products. Mushrooms and lentils fill in for mince while a white sauce is still delicious made without dairy milk and butter. Replacing cheese is a little trickier but not impossible! Cashew cheese is a tasty soft cheese replacement and a sprinkling of ground almonds creates the “Parmesan” effect on food.

Casa Mexicana

Mexican food is a trend most of us can get behind but many traditional dishes are pretty meat and dairy especially when soured cream is involved. The good thing is that vegan cream and yoghurts are convincing replacements. Lime fresh herbs and spices really kick a dish up a notch so you won’t even notice the meat is missing in this chilli-non-carne. There are something better than this.

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